Odors Be Gone

Odors Be Gone

One of the most important considerations in staging a home for sale or rent is the sense of smell. Pet stains and odors have to be the first thing you eliminate. Unsightly carpet also creates a long lingering odor.

If at all possible, take the pets out for the day, and have any traces of them, clean and orderly. Cooking odors either bring on fond memories or is a scent that is not only unfamiliar but unwanted. If there is anything you want the house to smell like, is clean. Scented candles, incense, and aerosols are a no-no! The nose is the one sense you don’t want to mess with. The eyes may be forgiving, but the nose is not!

Staging the home or condo for rent or sale is an art that should be handled hand in hand with a professional stager or a qualified real estate agent. At Claudia Bonilla Homes, we believe that there is more to selling or renting a home, then taking a listing. It’s about all the things needed to make the best of the opportunity.

The proper staging of a home can make a difference of thousands of dollars for a sale, and as much as 15% for a rental. After a good clean up and a few coats of paint, it’s the furniture staging and overall essence of the home. That means the scent of the house or condo is the icing on the cake. Lingering pet odors, heavy spices, and stale air can turn the prospect around and out the door. It’s no joke, Neutralizing the odors in your home or condo before starting to show it is an essential part of the job. Smokers have no place in the home. Pets, and extreme cuisine can also turn a buyer or tenant off.

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