Staging A Home Means Letting Go

Staging A Home Means Letting Go

The last thing we all want to do is let go of fond memories. A lot of what we have in our lives would be better served if in a photo album, instead of an attic, den, basement, or closet. Those things represent our fondest memories but could be a major distraction to the next buyer or tenant of a home. Letting go, or packing it up before you show your home, is one of the first steps in staging. Here are some of the things I  recommend. 

Look at room photos in magazines.  They rarely have anything in the room that will distract from the room’s message. Step back and take a few photos. Notice what is there that makes the room look cluttered.  Take out any furniture pieces that give the room air. Lighting is a major factor. Daylight streaming into a room through a clean window is best, but if the sun can’t shine in, make the room look as naturally lit as possible. Take away a lot of the pillows, throws, and magazines. A few carefully placed books or magazines on the coffee table make it feel homey.

The kitchen always looks its best with minimal things on the counter. If necessary, take the blender, toaster, and favorite mugs off the countertops to make the working space look larger. Bathrooms filled with baby toys or magazines should be cleared up before allowing folks to view the home. The closets are a landmine that could make you Let go of anything you haven’t worn in the past two years and let them go, or pack them away. Your closets mustn’t look overstuffed or messy. If necessary, rent a dumpster, and let it go.

Wherever you are headed next offers you a fresh start with a lighter load.  Download my Ten Tips On Staging Your Home at or see more on YouTube.

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