Does Home Staging Really Help Sell Or Rent A Home

Does Home Staging Really

Help Sell Or Rent A Home

One of the first questions that sellers and landlords ask is: “How much does home staging really impact the sale of a home.” The answer is rather simple. It is an essential component in getting it moved at, or as close to the asking price, and as time-efficient as humanly possible. Whether you retain a professional home staging representative, or your real estate agent can handle making and supporting you through the staging. Home staging should be planned and budgeted against a realistic return on your investment. A simple coat of paint could mean thousands of dollars, when you take a room from making your statement, to a neutral color. There are many ways you can impact the selling or renting of a house that gets your investment back, and a lot more. A coat of paint, some updated fixes don’t mean renovating a room or building something you always wished for. Let it go! Once your lawn, grounds, and front entrance say welcome,  the door should open to your best. It is extremely important. Have no fear, empty houses take twice as long to move to contract, so putting your best place forward is the right way to set the stage for prospects outside and inside. Before you stage to buy, rent, or sell, make sure you have the right agent. I’m Claudia Bonilla and I want to help you buy, sell, or rent in Central Florida. Get a copy of my 10 Tips On Staging at, and see more on You Tube.

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