Central Florida – The Destination Worth Relocating To

Central Florida:

The Destination Worth Relocating To

Whatever is happening elsewhere in real estate influenced by COVID-19, I can tell you that Central Florida is seeing thousands of new home rentals and buyers every week. No, they aren’t just thinking about going to Disney, they are thinking of ways to find a better quality of life, that is more affordable, and far less congested.

The impact of COVID-19 created a double-edged blade for Florida, with the crippling effect of COVID-19 on one site, killing vacation rentals, which have declined dramatically. However, more and more people are relocating from places like New York and Michigan who have been hit hard. They are familiar with the savings here in Central Florida on the cost of a home, and the taxes they are paying that are often more than double. That’s why, right now is a great time to list, if you have been considering selling or renting.

If your home is priced and staged right, you should walk away happy with your decision to move on. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of the things that help a house sell or rent at a price that makes everyone happy. Think about what you can do to make it look better. To find out more about how to price, buyer and tenant expectations, or how to find your next home while you manage renting or selling the one you are in now.

Please call on me, Claudia Bonilla. I want to be your representative for selling, renting, or buying a new home in Central Florida. Find out more about Claudia Bonilla Homes, and to download my Ten Tips On Staging A Home, go to ClaudiaBonillaHomes.com, or see more of me on YouTube.

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