They Are Coming From Everywhere To Central Florida!

They Are Coming From Everywhere

To Central Florida!

COVID 19 may have given Disney a hit they will never forget, but it also brought thousands of home buyers and renters escaping from the Northeast and congested areas around the county. Nearly a thousand people move to Central Florida every day. Central Florida offers home buyers, renters, and new construction builders more than most markets across the country. Orlando alone has a booming economy.  Relocating to Central Florida is a natural for young families and the 55 plus lifestyle. It’s all here.

                • You’ll never have winter again

                • There’s no individual income tax

                • Vacation and resort living is always right outside your door

                • Education is at a standard worth sharing

                • Orlando features more than just parks

                • If you love golf, you’ll love Central Florida

                • The communities feature multi-cultural living

• Florida’s economy is one of the best in the country.

Take a look at Central Florida with me, Claudia Bonilla. I promise you that no matter a rental, buy or vacation destination, I will make the transition as smooth as possible. Come see more on me at

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