55 Plus – The New 40

55 Plus – The New 40

Central Florida, with emphasis on the Orlando market, has been named the best rental market in the nation, and is quickly becoming home to many. More than likely, we can thank Walt Disney for the short term rentals that have taken travelers from around the world to this amazing location. There’s so much more to Orlando than Disney. The market is bustling with endless things to do and the properties just keep appreciating. Today, the 55 Plus homeowner is considered the new 40, and has grown to love Central Florida for a rental, relocation or investment property. The 55 Plus market is now a population that has quite a few demands to meet, and Central Florida has them all.  

The 55 Plus Community today is young and active, and it allows its residents to enjoy some or all of what they offer:

Living A Lot Longer
55 Plus communities were originally developed to help those folks that were slowing down. That may be the case for some, but the aging population is really aging. The 55 Plus Lifestyle today offers all the freedom, fun, and entertainment most of us dream of while we are raising a family, working, and maintaining a home. 

Where Should I Go
Central Florida offers a great deal to so many, but before you make that step of moving from a community that you have enjoyed for decades, have your agent help consider the market, the affordability, and the lifestyle the community offers.

Let Someone Else Take Care Of It
This is one of the main benefits the 55 Plus Community provides. Most of us want the ownership of a lovely home, but after a few years of maintenance, snow removal, and mowing the lawn, the 55 Plus residents want to unload those responsibilities, while still having ownership.

Enjoying A Lifestyle
This is the draw. Take a look at Central Florida’s  55 Plus Communities and one will outdo the other. From spectacular manicured grounds, common play and swim areas for family visits, tennis courts, and bicycle trails, to clubhouses and gyms, these communities bring it all to its residents at a fraction of what they would have to pay, if not in this communal environment.

If you are interested in Central Florida, I hope that you will call on me, Claudia Bonilla. Let me share the beauty and lifestyle Central Florida offers to the 55 Plus short, or long term relocation.

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